Millennial Collection Highlight: Series 1 & Series 2

We at Modern Store Equipment are incredibly proud of our exclusive Millennial Collection, offering an astonishing level of versatility for retailers to display for wine, craft beer and spirits. Supermarket wine departments and liquor stores can offer a true high-end, easy to shop experience without spending a fortune on custom built in shelving.

For inspiration, we have created 10 Series using the Millennial Collection in a wide range of applications. Looking for classic shelving? Let’s take a close look at Series 1 and Series 2 from the Millennial Collection.

Series 1 combines nine sleek shelving units into 24 feet of continuous display for wine, craft beer and spirits. Each of the nine units measures 32"W x 24"D x 96"H and contains five shelves that are adjustable to any height you need. You can also illuminate the shelving by choosing to add an overhead cornice with LED lighting which will make shopping easier. What an easy way to make sure your customers don’t miss that item they are searching for and to make more labels visible to invite incremental purchases!

 24 feet of shelving for wine and spirits display

Series 2 builds on the sleek presentation of Series 1 by adding six overhead storage bins that takes the height up another 30". This overhead storage includes two sliding door units with shelf, two open shelving units with shelf, and two diamond lay-down wine rack bins. Now, instead of piling this space with boxes, cartons and cases, you can store items attractively to increase the premium feel of your retail space.

 24 feet of shelving with additional overhead storage

Available in nine beautiful and durable melamine finishes as well as black, both Series 1 and Series 2 will work seamlessly with the style of any store.

Once you see the benefits of using the Millennial Collection as the backbone to upgrade your store’s design, you may want to go the next step and consider other Modern Store offerings, including our heavy duty gondola shelves for sale. Built to hold its liquor, our heavy duty shelving and gondola is durable, attractive, built to last, and easy to install. But if doing it yourself isn’t your kind of task, we offer shelving and gondola rack installation across the country.

From small remodels to large scale store design and installation, Modern Store Equipment does it all. Let us know how we can help you. Call 855-370-5981 or email

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