Introducing the Millennial Collection - A Modern Store Equipment Exclusive

We here at Modern Store Equipment are proud to introduce the Millennial Collection. This new lineup, which is exclusive to our company, consists of multifaceted displays for both wine and spirits, as well wine tasting bars. Liquor stores and supermarket wine departments can use our shelving and wine rack to create a high-end look at an affordable price. Similar to our wine rack for sale, our new, beautiful lineup of shelving for wine and spirits will make you rethink the layout of your store and how much better it could be with the Millennial Collection.

Conceived by David Dunigan, president of Modern Store Equipment, our staff engineer and team of designers developed these high capacity wine displays to be versatile. Each modular unit is compatible with the others in the collection in order to fit together seamlessly in a variety of configurations. Ultimately, liquor store owners and supermarket wine department managers have the ability to create a unique layout or wall display that fits the particular needs of their space—especially when it comes to both functionality and look. All wine rack, shelving, and bin are available in nine melamine finishes as well as black, and buyers can easily create units to coordinate with any store’s décor.

Millennial Collection shelving allows you to stand the bottles to give customers the best viewing angle or lay them down to make more efficient use of the storage cabinetry space. You can also incorporate laydown wine bin inserts so customers can see the labels clearly while you store your inventory securely.

Millennial Collection Series 1: 24 feet of shelving for wine and spirits display

 24 feet of shelving for wine and spirits display

Millennial Collection Series 2: 24 feet of shelving with additional overhead storage

 24 feet of shelving with additional overhead storage

Millennial Collection Series 5: 24 feet of shelving and easy-to-shop laydown wine bin

24 feet of shelving and easy-to-shop laydown wine bin

We can make these full-height shelving units for you with a TV-mount hutch, stand-up displays, wine glass holders, sink hutch and cabinet, vertical wine rack base, and a divided bin for storage. You can even add an overhead cornice with LED lighting to illuminate your merchandise. Include a locked glass door display for high-end wine and spirits. In addition, with the 48" Migali glass door back bar refrigerator and a working sink, you can add a wine tasting bar to increase impulse purchases. The choice is yours. Take a look!

Millennial Collection Series 6: 24 feet of shelving, wine tasting bar, refrigeration, sink, and flat screen TV hutch

24 feet of shelving, wine tasting bar, refrigeration, sink, and flat screen TV hutch

Millennial Collection Series 8: 18 feet of wine display, solid door base cabinetry, locking glass door units and humidors

18 feet of wine display, solid door base cabinetry, locking glass door units and humidors

Our craftsmen utilize only the finest materials to support a large volume of product while making an efficient use of space. And of course, the Millennial Collection also offers an upscale look!

If you are searching for walk-in coolers and freezers, commercial reach-ins, pallet rack or looking to buy liquor store shelves just browse the rest of our website. You can also see more images of the Millennium Collection, as well as a multitude of other exceptional pieces we can provide!

The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Deploying "Buy Online, Pick Up In Store" (BOPIS)

Nowadays, there is a large, complex network of channels retailers must consider when targeting customers. “Omnichannel retailing,” the ability to interact with and provide products/services to customers on virtually any platform, has become the new industry standard. With so many digital solutions available, consumer trends have shifted away from cost-consciousness and the need for traditional, face-to-face customer service. Instead, there is an overwhelming demand for convenience and near-instant shopping gratification.

Unsurprisingly, internet retailers are capitalizing on this new consumer mindset, while some brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to stay relevant. After all, how can a physical store compete with the convenience and accessibility of online shopping? What would get customers offline and back into stores?

The answer lies in order fulfillment. While shopping online is convenient, shipping is expensive—for both the customer and the retailer. It is also a time-consuming process.

Download this informative white paper to learn how you can avoid the 6 biggest mistakes when you add BOPIS to your store.  

To learn how we can help you avoid the pitfalls, email or call 877-532-8433.

Modern Store Equipment Offers Exclusive Wine Merchandisers to Create Unique Gondola Shelving

At Modern Store Equipment, we provide alcohol beverage retailers with high-quality wine rack, shelving, and custom merchandisers. Our staff engineer, designers, and craftsmen are there every step of the way from design through installation. We can fit the needs, scope, and budget of any project. By purchasing our exclusive wine merchandisers for sale, not only are you upgrading the look and quality of your store, but you’re making effective use of your space.

162 Bottle Wine Rack Display Merchandiser

  • Holds up to 162 bottles total
  • Two tiers display up to 30 labels at eye level
  • Available in 10 finishes
  • 1-1/4" price tag moulding included
  • 4' standard sections
  • Measures 48"W x 16"D x 58"H


248 Bottle Wine Rack Display Merchandiser

  • Holds up to 248 bottles total
  • Five tiers display up to 70 labels at eye level
  • Available in 10 finishes
  • 1-1/4" price tag moulding included
  • 4' standard sections
  • Measures 48"W x 29"D x 58"H


Purchase multiples and you gain options for displaying wine more ways. By putting a merchandiser back to back with another one, you can create gondola shelving for your liquor store. You can also set them up side to side to create aisles. The options are limitless. You can also move them around your store easily, allowing you to use them as end aisle displays and seasonal merchandisers.


Pictured above are four 162 Bottle Wine Rack Display Merchandisers placed side by side and back to back to create a gondola.

The same can be done with our 248 Bottle Wine Rack Display Merchandiser, pictured left.

At Modern Store Equipment, we understand the challenges of elegantly merchandising wine while making efficient use of space. That is where we come in with our exclusive collection of sturdy wine rack merchandisers that we manufacture in our state-of-the-art facility.

For more information, please email, call us at 877-532-8433 or to browse the rest of our site.