Hands-Free AntiMicrobial Door Arm for Walk-Ins

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Nothing is more important today than keeping your retail environment sanitary and your customers safe. With millions of refrigerated door handles, potential for spread can grow exponentially. But with the AMSafe Antimicrobial Arm, our self-detoxing, hands-free arm, your customers can open each door with their forearm, never touching the handle with their hand. More important, the unique design of AMSafe Antimicrobial Arm uses a micronized antibacterial compound that is embedded into the arm which kills 99% of all germs within 24 hours, even if you never clean it. The antimicrobial compound lasts for the life of the handle.
  • Fast, easy, mistake-proof install. The AMSafe Antimicrobial Arm installs in less than 3 minutes with just an Allen wrench. The quick install eliminates interruption to your customers shopping experience.
    • Variable shape to accommodate touchless opening on most major doors, including Energy Door Company®, Anthony®, Hussmann®, and Styleline® and allows for the opening of a door without touching the handle.
    • Safe and durable design. With safety being the most important driver behind this new design, the AMSafe Antimicrobial Arm gives your customers that added extra level of protection.

    Available in Black or Silver.

     Download more information about the Antimicrobial coating.

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