Fine Wine Sellers


Instead of a fine wine “cellar”, equip your store with a Self Contained or Walk-In Fine Wine Seller to put your finest bottles beautifully on display while keeping them secure.

There is big potential in offering fine wines to attract high-spending customers. But the traditional “wine cellar” or “fine wine room” is where sales go to die. Why? We’ll count the ways.

  1. A locked room requires staff time to provide access and to supervise.
  2. The presence of staff rushes your customers out the door.
  3. A dimly lit room makes it difficult to read labels and generate incremental sales.
  4. Your floor space isn’t being used to maximum potential.

With an exclusive Fine Wine Seller, your customers can easily shop your collection before they ask for access, so staff time isn’t spent waiting around for a decision.

Choose Self Contained free-standing options that you can buy online or learn more about our Walk-In options by clicking an image below.

NEW! Fine Wine Sliding Display & Storage

Wine bottles appear to float yet are supported by metal dowels on easy-to-move sliding panels.

All bottles are displayed at the perfect angle for proper wine storage while allowing for easy label readability.

Retail Stores

Our Fine Wine Sellers eliminate the locked room that requires staff assistance for access and supervision. Now your customers can shop in brightly lit space without the looming presence of a waiting staff member rushing the experience.


There is big potential in displaying your fine wine selections to your diners. Customers have a chance to view options and read labels instead of making their choice from the flat pages of a wine menu.

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