Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers

Modern Store Equipment offers commercial display and storage refrigerators and freezers that meet the diverse needs of liquor stores, convenience stores, restaurants and others. Our extensive selection covers it all.

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Simplify Your Search for A Commercial Refrigerator for Sale!

Modern Store Equipment offers a variety of commercial refrigerators for sale. Whether you’re looking for 1, 2, or 3-door display or storage options, you’ll find it here in our extensive collection.

Here at you can:

• Buy liquor store coolers
• Find commercial refrigerators for sale
• Find under counter refrigerators for sale
• And so much more!

    Keep Your Products Cool and Your Customers Happy

    With our equipment and commercial refrigerators for sale, you can keep your beer, wine, ice and food at the proper temperatures so your customers are eager to purchase and always ready to come back for more. Our many types of refrigerators offer you dependable ways to keep your merchandise fresh, cool, and ready to eat or drink.

    Whether your business is growing or you’re looking to expand it, we’d like to help by providing you with the equipment you need. At Modern Store Equipment, you’ll find commercial refrigerators for sale and under counter refrigerators for sale. You can also:

    • Buy liquor store coolers
    • Buy reach-in coolers

      Buy Commercial Freezers to Meet Demanding Needs. 

      You can rely on us and our selection when you’re looking to buy reach-in freezers --whether you want to buy display or storage reach-ins, single, double or triple door reach-ins, countertop or under counter freezers. Modern Store Equipment offers you high quality options that meet the needs of busy retail stores, bars and restaurants.

      We feature Migali units that are environmentally-conscious, energy-saving and beautifully-designed. With LED interior lighting and a bright lighted top display sign, Migali Glass Door Reach-In Freezers give you plenty of merchandising opportunities. Migali makes is easy for your staff, too, with a 90 degree hold-open door feature for product loading.

      Our Solid Door Reach-In Freezers are stainless steel inside and out with recessed door handles to save space and function effortlessly.

      Like your business and ours, Migali is family-run and has been a trusted name in commercial freezers, refrigerators and more since 1955. And your Migali commercial freezer will be protected by a 1 year warranty on parts and labor, and a 4-year additional compressor warranty (part only). That’s protection that provides real peace of mind. 

      Providing Solutions since 1958.
      We are proud that so many of our clients have been doing business with us through two generations of leadership. Modern Store is a family business. And we’re committed to helping your family business run as smoothly and profitably as possible.

      If you’d like to buy commercial freezers for your store or buy reach-in freezers for your restaurant, trust Modern Store Equipment. You can also find commercial refrigerators for sale on our website. Email us or call 855-370-5981 to learn more.