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7 Standard Shapes. Endlessly Customizable.

"We installed a two and a three door temperature-controlled wine display unit. Quality is amazing! Modern Store even sent me progress pictures of the units during construction. Everyone that I dealt with was professional and courteous.
I highly recommend them!"

Gary Park
Owner, Gary's Liquors, Chestnut Hill, MA

Double Sealed Glass Doors

Gas-filled, 2-pane, heat reflective glass with heated frames.

Low Temperature
• High Humidity
• European Style


Urethane Panels

Standard: With an R-Value of 32, our panels exceed the federally-mandated R25 value for Walk-Ins, providing greater long-term energy savings & profits.

Additional Options:
• Overhead Storage
• Tall, High-Cube Designs
• Roofing For Outdoor Placement
• Insulated Floor


Standard: State of the art LED lighting offering 62% energy savings.

Additional Option: 
T-8 fluorescent lighting.

Refrigeration Systems

Precise calculation of the refrigeration system is critical to your bottom line. Oversized systems cost more to purchase and require more energy to run. Oversized refrigeration systems also negate costly systems in place to manage humidity. The result of purchasing more refrigeration than you need: wasted dollars after wasted dollars.

Our calculator was developed specifically for walk-ins by a refrigeration engineer. You can be assured you will get the right size for your needs… as well as years of worry-free service.

Also available: Super Cold Beer Systems to chill to 30°


26-gauge natural-embossed silver Galvalume.




Faux Brick

Faux Stone

Additional Options:
Black, white or tan Galvalume.
Faux brick or faux stacked stone.

With our 24,000 square foot custom manufacturing facility, we can create any custom finish you can dream up!


Gravity Feed Rack

Standard: 27” shelf depth with 1-1/4” price tag molding in epoxy-coated white or black finish. All shelves can be angled for gravity feed (as shown).

Additional Options:
• Shelf Depths of 24”, 36” and 43”
• Shelf Dividers (to keep product straight when shelf is used as a gravity feed)
• Front & Side Perimeter Guards (to contain product on shelf when angeled)

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