Design & Installation

At Modern, we have specialized in liquor store design for over 60 years.

As experts in liquor store design and installation, we know your business and ours! We provide design solutions to make your liquor store or supermarket wine & spirits department more functional, attractive and, above all else, profitable. And we will install anywhere in the continental United States.

• Want to know the proper location for jug and box wine?

• Looking for the best way to showcase your high-end products?

• Need to streamline your checkout area?

• Trying to add those 5 new "must have" flavors of Vodka?

• Have 500 wine SKUs that you would love to add but there is no room in your wine rack and no room for additional rack? 

• Do you have a backroom full of open cases and spend huge amounts of payroll searching for and moving boxes?

Call or contact us so our design staff can start you on the way to a more profitable store. And be sure to visit our gallery pages to view finished projects, products and merchandising solutions.

Click below to view sample stores in 3 size ranges. 

3,000 - 4,999 Square Feet

3000-4999 square feet store

5,000 - 8,999 Square Feet

5000-8999 square ft. store

9,000+ Square Feet

9000 square ft store