Over 60 years of design expertise.

shelving for liquor stores, wine storage and display for liquor stores and supermarkets

We have specialized in store design for over six decades.

As experts in store design, we know your business and ours! We provide design solutions to make your liquor store, supermarket wine & spirits department, or convenience store more functional, attractive and, above all else, profitable.

We ship throughout the continental United States.


liquor store shelving, modular store shelving, wine rack, humidor

Struggling to find the right location for jug and box wine?

Are you looking for the best way to showcase your high-end products?

Have hundreds of wine SKUs that you would love to add but there is no room in your wine rack and no room for additional rack?

We understand the challenges liquor stores face and have developed elegant solutions that help you improve the shopping experience while you increase sales. 


Creating a comprehensive and attractive wine and spirits department can make your store the "must shop" destination in your community.

 Modern Store offers unique and exclusive units for wine display and storage, secure locking cabinets for high end items, and temperature-controlled units for fine wine. 


We understand the design and layout challenges of busy convenience stores. That's why we offer a one-stop-shopping experience to our c-store customers.

We offer walk-in coolers specifically rated for convenience store needs. We design and build an exclusive line of modular and durable coffee bars, counters and checkouts.

And, as large volume distributors of shelving, reach-ins, countertop refrigerators, storage walk-ins and more, we can provide everything your convenience store needs to maximize traffic and sales.


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