If you are looking for a walk-in for your store, our how-to guide provides the critical information you need to guide decisions. You'll also learn about available shapes, sizes and features of the high-quality walk-ins offered by Modern Store. You can trust our 60 years of experience to provide you with the right solution for your needs.

"We installed a two and a three door temperature controlled wine display unit. Quality is amazing! Modern Store even sent me progress pictures of the units during construction. Everyone that I dealt with was professional and courteous. I highly recommend them!"

Gary Park
Owner, Gary's Liquors, Chestnut Hill, MA

All walk-ins are not created equal.

A custom walk-in is created by bringing together a variety of components. We combine the highest quality elements with expert planning and meticulous installation.

Our staff of walk-in experts will help you determine what will perfectly meet the needs of your store, including the appropriate refrigeration system, glass doors, lighting, shelving, finishes and other options.

Urethane Panels

This is where efficiency begins. Urethane panels are the walls of the walk-in. 

Our walk-ins are constructed of CFC-free foamed-in-place or solid wall urethane panels. To provide you with greater long-term energy savings, our panels are rated R32, exceeding the Energy Independence & Security Act requirement of an R25 rating. The higher rating results in better insulation for your walk-in, keeping the chill where it belongs. 


    Refrigeration Systems

    To determine the appropriate refrigeration system, we use a propriety method to calculate the exact power needs based on walk-in size, location, surroundings, climate and other factors.

    Precise calculation is incredibly important to your bottom line. Oversized systems cost more to purchase and require more energy to run. Oversized refrigeration systems also negate costly systems in place to manage humidity. The result of purchasing more refrigeration than you need: wasted dollars after wasted dollars.

    Our calculator was developed by a refrigeration engineer specifically for walk-ins. You can be assured you will get the right size for your needs … and years of worry-free service.

    Also available: Super Cold Beer Systems to chill to 30°

    Glass Doors

    We specify Anthony glass doors for our display walk-ins. Their 50+ years of success is the result of innovative ideas and meeting the demands of the marketplace. We offer:

    401 Series: For applications requiring strong, robust and economical doors while still providing value, a wide range of sizes, and multiple options

    101 Series: Offering standard or energy-free cooler doors and energy-efficient freezer doors with heat-reflective glass coating for energy savings. Superior thermal protection against condensation. Slam tested to 500,000 cycles and is EISA (Energy Independence Security Act) compliant.
    Vista B: The ultimate door for product visibility, providing more comfort for customers in warmer aisles. No barrier between the product and the customer.

    Vista C: Energy savings combined with excellent product visibility. Perfect for refrigerated reach-in displays.

    Vista Elite: This Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) Door is the only all-glass, energy-free cooler door that offers panoramic visibility without door or glass heat. Zero energy design reduces spare parts inventory, provides lower maintenance costs and less downtime, all while increasing product merchandising visibility.

    Beer Cave Doors: Your choice of fully automated entry system with electronic eye plus motion and threshold sensors or pull/push open with industrial strength construction.


    Our standard walk-in lighting is state of the art LED lighting offering 62% energy savings.

    Also available: T-8 fluorescent lighting.


    Walk-ins often need a variety of shelving options to maximize inventory capacity and stocking efficiency while making it easy to shop. We can help you determine which combination of shelving styles will work best for your store’s inventory.

    Epoxy Coated Shelving

    Standard flat shelving constructed for durability in the walk-in setting. Popular for single serve merchandise.

    30” wide, 27” and 36” depths. Up to 300 lbs. capacity per shelf.

    Gravity Rack

    Angled shelves allow inventory to flow forward as merchandise is sold. Popular for beer and other large items. 

    30” and 60” wide, 42” and 48” depths. Up to 500 lbs. capacity per shelf.

    Mini Roller System

    One-piece roller shelf surface allowing multiple-size facings on the same shelf to slide independently as items are sold. Popular for single serve beverages. Can be used on flat and gravity feed systems.

    30” and 60” wide, 27”, 36”, 42” and 48” depths. 300-500 lbs. capacity per shelf.


    Our standard finish is 26-gauge natural-embossed silver Galvalume, 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel.

    Entry Doors

    We offer a range of entry doors to fit your store traffic and access demands.

    Standard: 26-gauge natural-embossed silver Galvalume. 72”H x 30”W, 36”W and 48”W. Custom sizes and finishes also available.

    Double Swing: Fully gasketed, insulated aluminum clad door with stainless steel kick. Single leaf door available 72”H x 30”W and 36”W. Double leaf doors available 72”H x 48”W, 60”W and 72”W.

    Glass Pass Thru: Featuring 90° hold-open, magnetic seal, and Torquemaster for easy adjustment and closing tension. Available in all glass (2-pane and 3-pane options), or 1/3 glass & 2/3 solid panel. 72”H x 30”W and 36”W.

    Equipment-Access Sliding Doors: Fully automated sliding doors allowing materials handling access for staff. 26-gauge natural-embossed silver Galvalume. Available 72”W and larger.

    Strip Curtains: 6” and 8” wide PVC strip material available in 2 grades. Polar grade to withstand temperatures down to -20°F and standard grade for coolers.


    • Overhead storage
    • Tall, high-cube designs
    • Roofing for outdoor placement
    • Insulated floor

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