End Panels for Wall Shelving & Gondolas

Modern Store

SKU: 1654-wall

End Panels are designed to make your shelving or gondola run more attractive. Available in durable melamine finishes to coordinate with your store's decor. End panels not only provide a more finished look, they prevent valuable merchandise from falling off the side of the shelf.

Each Shelving (S) unit requires 2 end panels.

Each Gondola (G) unit requires 4 end panels.

Shelving Unit  End Panel
S16-54/4-16 1654 Wall
S16-84/7-16 1684 Wall
S16-84/6-16/1-16H 16U84 Wall
S16-84/6-16/1-16H/1HL 16U84 Wall
S24-54/3-24 2454 Wall
S24-84/4-24 2484 Wall
S24-84/5-24 2484 Wall
S24-84/4-24/1-24H 24U84 Wall
S24-84/4-24/1-24H/1-HL 24U84 Wall

Gondola Unit End Panel
G24-54-24/6-24 2454 Half
G24-54-24/8-24 2454 Half
G24-54-24/10-24 2454 Half
G24-84-24/8-24/2-24H 24U54 Half
G24-84-24/8-24/2-24H/2-HL 24U54 Half

Click image above for a larger view of finishes. Actual color may vary from the image.