Secure Tobacco MagLock Single Door Cigarette Merchandising Case

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Protect your cigarette inventory while keeping packs brilliantly on display for easier shopping. Our Secure Display Tobacco Merchandisers combine advanced maglock technology and distortion-free acrylic doors that are 17x stronger than glass.

The advanced Secure Display system exclusively from Modern Store Equipment offers an unparalleled level of protection and programming capabilities. And with the easy-to-use card reader control panel positioned on the header, access is quick and easy for your team.

High-power magnetic locks secure the door and provide the strength to withstand hundreds of pounds of force. 

The maglocks are housed in high-strength anodized aluminum -- a further safeguard against tampering. Half inch acrylic door is half the weight of glass.

Available with optional battery back up.

Measures 32"W x 17"D x 55"H

  • 12 facings on 7 levels let you display approximately 1000 of the most popular brands.
  • 7 adjustable 1/2" shelves with spring loaded pushers.
  • High- impact acrylic door.
  • Magnetic locking system with mini controller and card/fob reader.
  • Spring loaded pushers.
  • Low leverage door pull.
  • Adjustable leveler legs.

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