Benefits of Financing

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You can get the Modern Store solutions your business needs faster and easier than ever. With financing from PEAC, you can preserve your working capital and get a jump-start on operations.

Get the equipment you need today with NO MONEY DOWN!

PEAC provides a simple, convenient and hassle-free financing process. delivered with exceptional service and support.

1. Monthly payments as low as $100.00
2. Extended finance terms for up to 72 months
Subject to credit approval. Documentation fee required.

• Prices vary upon equipment selection
• $1.00 buy out purchase option
• Offer valid through 12/31/23
• Inquire for new business rates

Take advantage of IRS Section 179

You can get your equipment now and MAKE NO PAYMENTS UNTIL JANUARY 2024.

PEAC's No Payments Program provides the financial bridge for you to acquire the equipment you need today.

Optimize your savings when you take advantage of our No Payments Program and the IRS 179 tax deduction.

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PEAC™ Solutions provides capital solutions for businesses worldwide.

Owned by funds managed by HPS Investment Partners LLC, who are a leading global investment firm, PEAC offers financing programs to equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers + customers.

Currently extending financing solutions worldwide to: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Austria, Sweden, Spain + USA.

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