Celebrating 60 Years


Since 1958, we have been a family-owned and operated business helping liquor retailers maximize profitability without sacrificing design. Since our founding, we have grown to occupy 24,000 feet of warehouse space and have developed modern solutions to keep up with the changes in technology. Even through all of these changes, we have always prioritized attentive customer service. We offer a wide variety of items for sale here at including commercial refrigerators for sale. To learn more about us, buy a commercial freezer, or shop our products, tour our website.

Celebrating 60 Years of Helping Clients Succeed

Over the past 60 years, Modern Store Equipment has seen monumental success because of our commitment to our products and clients. Our main priority has always been to help liquor retailers maximize profitability without sacrificing great design, whether they are looking for commercial refrigerators for sale or everything they need to equip a full store. That commitment has not wavered through the decades.

We want to thank our clients for helping us turn what was once an idea into an Inc. 5000 corporation. In order to accurately pay homage to our progress and success, we should start at the roots of the company.


It all started at a dinner table in 1958. David Dunigan, President of Modern Store Equipment, remembers the very beginning of the business that he has grown up with.

His father, an engineer, had the idea to start a company that would provide durable and sleek liquor store equipment. With the help of David’s mother, his father was able to build a successful company from the ground up.

Each night at dinner, David and his family would talk about the new family business and come up with ideas together. Their main goal from the very beginning was to help clients succeed.

The whole concept of Modern Store Equipment was built on family. One family’s vision helped to turn a simple idea into so much more. As Modern Store Equipment progressively became more successful, the family and other members of the team incorporated the vision into the business.


60 years later, we have certainly come a long way. We have grown so much that we now occupy 24,000 square feet of space. Our facility houses our offices, including sales and customer service. It is also the space where advanced equipment is used to manufacture our lines of Modern-exclusive product, including wine rack and merchandisers, tasting bars, counters, and so much more.

Technological development over the years has certainly helped our products succeed, but it has not gotten in the way of our person-to-person values. While technology has increased our productivity and reduced our lead times, our commitment to create the most profitable solutions for our clients is as strong as ever.

In fact, our clients have recognized our commitment. Because of you, we have been named as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list for the past two years in a row.

Thank you for allowing us to create and distribute products to liquor retailers for the last 60 years. We are determined to keep growing from here and give you 60+ more years of Modern products and superior service.

To buy commercial freezers or learn about our other products, visit or call 877-532-8433.

Millennial Collection Highlight: Series 3

At, you can buy back bar refrigerators and other storage and display equipment for your liquor store. We manufacture and distribute products that will help you conveniently shelve your wine and spirits, making everything easier for your employees and more inviting for your customers.

Our Millennial Collection is a modular line of fixtures that can be combined in several ways to create sleek shelving, wine rack, tasting bars, aisles and much more. All elements can be integrated with other units in the collection for a unique look.

Although you can combine any fixtures in the Millennial Collection, we have created 10 series to inspire and guide you when you make your decision. Each series serves as an example of how you can mix and match different fixtures and shelving.

Series Spotlight

We like to highlight the unique features in all of our series. Here are some details about Series 3 of the Millennial Collection:

With 24 continuous feet of open and glass door shelving, Series 3 can uniquely display wines, spirits, and cigars. It is available with multiple lighting and finishing options.

Series 3 Features

  • 6 full-height shelf units
    • 32"W x 24"D x 96"H
    • Includes 5 adjustable shelves per unit
  • 1 half-height unit
    • 32"W x 15"D x 48"H
    • Includes 2 shelves
  • 4 half-height locking glass door units
    • 32"W x 15"D x 48"H
    • Include 2 shelves per unit
  • 1 locking humidor
    • 32"W x 15"D x 48"H
    • Includes 2 shelves
  • Optional overhead cornice with LED lighting

Series 3 is available in nine beautiful finishes in addition to classic black. You can choose from any of these options to match your store decor and design.

The Millennial Collection

Feel free to mix and match fixtures from Series 3 and many others in the collection. Fixtures and units can easily be combined to create a custom look at far below a custom price.

Add an upscale custom-designed look to your liquor store with the Series 3 in the Millennial Collection from Modern Store Equipment. To learn more about this collection, or our selection of walk-in coolers and freezers for sale, visit or call 877-532-8433.

Expand Your Alcohol Department With Expert Help From Modern Store Equipment

When you’re considering installing or expanding a liquor department in your grocery store, Modern Store Equipment is the go-to choice. After all, for three generations we have been helping liquor retailers maximize floor space and profits!


At Modern Store Equipment, we are seasoned liquor store experts. We have been designing and installing functional and profitable stores across the country.

We know what it takes to build wine and spirits departments and craft beer sections from the ground up or to renovate with minimum business disruption.

Increase in Sales/Profitability

Our equipment is designed and installed to make your store function perfectly and make the shopping experience easy for your customers. Our heavy duty shelving, durable pallet rack and exclusive wine rack and merchandisers are built to handle high capacity inventory beautifully while making products easily accessible. And with a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, we can integrate seamlessly with your current design.

When you are looking for a provider, you get it all from Modern Store: walk-in refrigerators and beer caves, display and storage reach-ins, tasting bars, locking display cases, shelving and gondolas, even creative graphics. We offer the products you need to create, improve or expand your liquor section. We are a literal one-stop-shop for liquor store products, which helps ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Services

Our staff engineer and talented design staff will work with your dimensions, requirements and regulations to create a liquor department that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Our exclusive products, including merchandisers, counters, tasting bars, display cases and more, are manufactured in our state-of-the art facility right here in the USA. Our Millennial Collection of modular shelving can be combined in myriad ways to create a high-end custom look without the high end custom price. And we bring together the high-quality elements required to create walk-ins that are easy to shop and easy to stock.

Not only can you buy commercial freezers from us, but you can trust us to deliver products that will keep customers coming back. Trust our 60 years of experience to help you get the most from your wine, spirits and beer departments.

To buy a reach-in cooler or learn more about how we can enhance your liquor department, contact Modern Store Equipment by calling 877-532-8433 or by visiting

Create a Welcoming Environment at Your Store With Beautiful Framed Graphics

Need to add an extra pop of color or an artistic element to your liquor store? At Modern Store Equipment, we recognize how important it is for your retail location to be aesthetically pleasing.

We understand that your liquor store needs a unique factor that will satisfy and pique the interest of customers. That’s why, in addition to shelving and gondola rack installation, commercial equipment distribution and laydown wine bin, we also provide exclusive in-store graphics.

Our graphics offer crisp imagery printed on a heavyweight canvas. They have impressive durability while maintaining a polished and artistic look.

The canvases that we utilize have the following qualities to ensure their beautiful appearance and long-lasting strength:

  • Satin finish
    • Gives graphics a crisp and elegant look
  • Bright white
    • We print on a premium bright-white canvas surface in order to enhance colors
  • Ink-jet coated
    • Designed to produce solid blacks, vivid colors, and smooth gradients
  • Fade-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments

And of course, the most important part of our in-store graphics is the design. When choosing a design, you have four categories to choose from: Wine, beer, spirits, or scenic graphics. Each design is tailored to fit the aesthetic of a liquor store and showcase a specific section.

Each category of graphics comes with six different design options in order to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you want a photo of a bucket of beers on ice or an image of a beautiful vineyard landscape, we have the perfect fit to go with the theme and atmosphere of your store.

To top it all off, every canvas is beautifully finished with a silver or black snap frame. Frames will be sent along with the canvas and require assembly.

In-store graphics are available in five sizes for your convenience:

  • 28”Wx22”H
  • 40”Wx30”H
  • 48”Wx36”H
  • 60”Wx40”H
  • 72”Wx30”H

Custom sizes are also available by request.

Contact Modern Store Equipment today to order graphics that will give your liquor store even more visual appeal. You will be able to choose your graphic based on the size, frame, and photo of your choice.

Our graphics are exclusively designed for retailers just like you.

Find out more. Call 877-532-8433, email, or visit our website to shop our collection of graphics. You can also learn about our expansive selection of liquor storage and display products that you can buy online, from back bar refrigerators to pallet rack and other solutions.


How To Order Pallet Rack Online from Modern Store Equipment

Durable pallet rack for display and storage is now available for purchase directly from Modern Store Equipment’s website. Pallet rack is the perfect way to store and display your store’s largest and heaviest inventory in an efficient use of floor space. When you need to buy liquor store and convenience store fixtures that improve functionality and organization, visit our website for top-of-the-line equipment.

Our pallet rack consists of fully-welded frames and a smooth, quality finish. It is available in 2 standard heights: 96” and 144”. The run length has endless possibilities, allowing you to customize it to accommodate your store.

Pallet rack from Modern Store Equipment will hold your heavy products beautifully. No matter how much you need to display, this sturdy rack can handle the task. Cases or kegs are visible and secure from the moment they’re stocked until they’re bought and taken off the shelves.

With just a few simple measurements, a couple clicks on our page, and a quick checkout process, you can receive new, strong, and sturdy pallet rack for your liquor store.

Ordering is as easy as 1, 2.
As you prepare to order your new pallet rack, all you have to know are measurements of the area you need to fill. In order to fill the space, simply combine one starter unit with the number of add-ons needed. The starter unit has two uprights. When measuring, it’s important to keep in mind that each upright adds 3 inches to the length of a section. From there, just follow two steps on our website:

  1. Choose your starter unit.

All you have to do is pick a size that fits your store and meets your need regarding how many products you need to display. Each starter unit includes 2 vertical uprights (3" wide) and tiers (horizontal beams and wire decking).

      2. Extend the run with add-ons.

Consider the length of the area you want to fill and select add-ons (in the same height as the starter unit) in the lengths needed to fill the space.

And that’s it! It’s that simple. Before you know it, you’ll have brand-new sturdy pallet rack on which you can display and store your heaviest product. These racks will offer ease of shopping and durability that is sure to last.

If you need help ordering pallet rack, email to speak with one of our team members.

To learn about our other equipment, such as gondola shelves for sale, visit or call 877-532-8433.

Reasons to Add a Fine Wine Seller to Your Liquor Store

Fine wine cellars and wine rooms are designed to display high-quality wines to attract potential customers. However, traditional cellars don’t always promise the sales that you want. Here’s why fine wine cellars and rooms are a drain on your bottom line:

  • Locked rooms require employee access and supervision that takes them away from other tasks.
  • Staff supervision might rush customers out of the door.
  • Floor space isn’t being fully utilized.

To deliver a staff and customer experience that is as high-quality as the wine you’re selling, turn to Modern Store Equipment’s Fine Wine Sellers instead.

Our Fine Wine Sellers are a step above cellars. Custom designed, engineered and build in our domestic manufacturing facility – and only available from Modern Store Equipment -- they allow customers to browse your store’s fine wine selection without asking for access, giving them the freedom and time to make a decision.

We have two distinct styles to choose from when picking a Fine Wine Seller from Modern Store Equipment:

Self-Contained Fine Wine Sellers

Our Self-Contained Fine Wine Sellers put your finest bottles on display while keeping them secure. Through the premium glass doors of these free-standing units, your customers will be able to view every bottle and label right from where they’re standing, offering ease and convenience. Once they’re ready to buy, they simply let an employee know which bottles they would like.

Fine Wine Walk-Ins

Our walk-in Fine Wine Sellers allow you to stock and secure more inventory while keeping your selection on display, chilled to 55°, and easily visible.

Storage shelving inside the Fine Wine Seller makes restocking simple and convenient.

Modern Store Equipment is a nationally-recognized leader with 60 years experience in liquor retail. Consequently you will want to visit to buy reach-in coolers and unique Fine Wine Sellers that offer an easy, safe way to store and display fine wine.

To buy liquor store coolers or learn more about our Fine Wine Sellers and other unique shelving and equipment, contact Modern Store Equipment today by visiting or calling 877-532-8433.

Engage Customers With an In-Store Tasting Bar

Customers love free samples. Free samples allow people to try out your products and get a (literal) taste of the many options your store offers. It’s also a very interactive experience that can engage current customers and increase impulse purchases.

Tasting bars are perhaps the most effective way to keep customers wanting more of your products and coming back to make purchases. And at Modern Store Equipment, the leading place to buy gondola shelving for sale, we make that possible.

Liquor stores and alcohol sections of supermarkets are stocked with wines, beers, and spirits that many people have never tried before. When it comes to alcohol, some people stay in their comfort zone. However, tasting bars can substantially change that. According to a Cornell University study, there is a 93% chance that a highly satisfied customer is likely to spend an extra $10 to buy another bottle of wine in addition to the one they already planned to purchase. And free samples are a substantial driver of patient satisfaction.

That’s where our in-store tasting bars come in. Here is how a liquor tasting bar can improve your customer engagement and revenue:

  • It gives customers the opportunity to try a new brand or flavor of wine, beer, or spirits.
  • They can familiarize themselves with types of alcohol that they were considering purchasing or expand their horizons to similar brands or tastes.
  • Customers love free products.
  • When they see that they can try complimentary alcohol, their satisfaction will almost automatically increase. They will feel pampered and catered to.
  • A highly satisfied customer is more likely to make a purchase. And, according to the same Cornell study, there’s also a 92% chance that they will return to make another purchase in the future.

Our wine, beer, and spirits tasting bars are designed and manufactured exclusively by our team at the 24,000 square foot Modern Store Equipment facility right here in the USA. You will have the ability to choose the features that will suit your store and adhere to your standards.

When ordering a tasting bar for your liquor store or alcohol department, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Mobile or permanent
  • - Do you want to be able to roll your tasting bar around, or do you want it stationary?
  • Size
  • - You can choose proportions that would be the most appropriate for the size of your store or section.
  • Finishes
  • - What kind of look are you going for? Choose from a variety of durable finishes that match the aesthetic of your store or gives it a fun pop.
  • Shape
  • - Choose rectangular, oval, or round, depending on your preference and sizing needs.

Modern Store Equipment carries many tasting bars and other products for liquor retailers, such as wine merchandisers for sale, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, reach-ins, shelving and gondolas, pallet racks, and much more. Allow your customers to indulge in new and exciting product by adding an exclusive Modern Store tasting bar to your store.

Join Modern Store Equipment in the Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s

At Modern Store Equipment, our mission as a company is to offer quality gondola shelving, and other equipment for sale, that will improve the shopping experience and customer satisfaction at liquor and grocery stores. But additionally, we have a much larger goal: to give back to our surrounding community and the people living in it.

An organization that is very close to our hearts is Alzheimer’s New Jersey. We have established a relationship with them and have achieved the status of silver-level donors. To continue our efforts with this organization, we are participating in this year’s Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s.

The event is taking place on October 22nd, 2017 in Princeton, NJ. The Modern Store Equipment team (MSE for ALZ) is readily accepting more participants. Here’s what you can do to support the team:

Volunteer to walk with the team by emailing

If you are not able to participate in the event, please donate on behalf of the team. Any amount helps!

In return for your participation and support, here is what you will receive:

A free t-shirt that is awarded to all Modern Store Equipment team members to wear at the walk.

Gratitude from everyone at Modern Store and the Alzheimer’s New Jersey organization.

Those who are not able to walk with us at the Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s, but still want to get involved, can still donate to the cause. We currently have a goal of raising $2,000 on behalf of our team.

By walking or donating, you will be helping Alzheimer’s New Jersey make huge strides toward ending Alzheimer’s disease and improving the lives of families and neighbors in New Jersey. Every penny and every participant makes a substantial difference.

You can learn more about our team and donate to Alzheimer’s New Jersey by visiting our team page at hope you see you there on October 22nd!

In addition to finding out more about this great cause, you can get more information about our products and services by visiting our website at and viewing our selection of wine merchandisers and other equipment for sale.

Millennial Collection Highlight: Series 1 & Series 2

We at Modern Store Equipment are incredibly proud of our exclusive Millennial Collection, offering an astonishing level of versatility for retailers to display for wine, craft beer and spirits. Supermarket wine departments and liquor stores can offer a true high-end, easy to shop experience without spending a fortune on custom built in shelving.

For inspiration, we have created 10 Series using the Millennial Collection in a wide range of applications. Looking for classic shelving? Let’s take a close look at Series 1 and Series 2 from the Millennial Collection.

Series 1 combines nine sleek shelving units into 24 feet of continuous display for wine, craft beer and spirits. Each of the nine units measures 32"W x 24"D x 96"H and contains five shelves that are adjustable to any height you need. You can also illuminate the shelving by choosing to add an overhead cornice with LED lighting which will make shopping easier. What an easy way to make sure your customers don’t miss that item they are searching for and to make more labels visible to invite incremental purchases!

 24 feet of shelving for wine and spirits display

Series 2 builds on the sleek presentation of Series 1 by adding six overhead storage bins that takes the height up another 30". This overhead storage includes two sliding door units with shelf, two open shelving units with shelf, and two diamond lay-down wine rack bins. Now, instead of piling this space with boxes, cartons and cases, you can store items attractively to increase the premium feel of your retail space.

 24 feet of shelving with additional overhead storage

Available in nine beautiful and durable melamine finishes as well as black, both Series 1 and Series 2 will work seamlessly with the style of any store.

Once you see the benefits of using the Millennial Collection as the backbone to upgrade your store’s design, you may want to go the next step and consider other Modern Store offerings, including our heavy duty gondola shelves for sale. Built to hold its liquor, our heavy duty shelving and gondola is durable, attractive, built to last, and easy to install. But if doing it yourself isn’t your kind of task, we offer shelving and gondola rack installation across the country.

From small remodels to large scale store design and installation, Modern Store Equipment does it all. Let us know how we can help you. Call 877-532-8433 or email