Customers love free samples. Free samples allow people to try out your products and get a (literal) taste of the many options your store offers. It’s also a very interactive experience that can engage current customers and increase impulse purchases.

Tasting bars are perhaps the most effective way to keep customers wanting more of your products and coming back to make purchases. And at Modern Store Equipment, the leading place to buy gondola shelving for sale, we make that possible.

Liquor stores and alcohol sections of supermarkets are stocked with wines, beers, and spirits that many people have never tried before. When it comes to alcohol, some people stay in their comfort zone. However, tasting bars can substantially change that. According to a Cornell University study, there is a 93% chance that a highly satisfied customer is likely to spend an extra $10 to buy another bottle of wine in addition to the one they already planned to purchase. And free samples are a substantial driver of patient satisfaction.

That’s where our in-store tasting bars come in. Here is how a liquor tasting bar can improve your customer engagement and revenue:

  • It gives customers the opportunity to try a new brand or flavor of wine, beer, or spirits.
  • They can familiarize themselves with types of alcohol that they were considering purchasing or expand their horizons to similar brands or tastes.
  • Customers love free products.
  • When they see that they can try complimentary alcohol, their satisfaction will almost automatically increase. They will feel pampered and catered to.
  • A highly satisfied customer is more likely to make a purchase. And, according to the same Cornell study, there’s also a 92% chance that they will return to make another purchase in the future.

Our wine, beer, and spirits tasting bars are designed and manufactured exclusively by our team at the 24,000 square foot Modern Store Equipment facility right here in the USA. You will have the ability to choose the features that will suit your store and adhere to your standards.

When ordering a tasting bar for your liquor store or alcohol department, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Mobile or permanent
  • - Do you want to be able to roll your tasting bar around, or do you want it stationary?
  • Size
  • - You can choose proportions that would be the most appropriate for the size of your store or section.
  • Finishes
  • - What kind of look are you going for? Choose from a variety of durable finishes that match the aesthetic of your store or gives it a fun pop.
  • Shape
  • - Choose rectangular, oval, or round, depending on your preference and sizing needs.

Modern Store Equipment carries many tasting bars and other products for liquor retailers, such as wine merchandisers for sale, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, reach-ins, shelving and gondolas, pallet racks, and much more. Allow your customers to indulge in new and exciting product by adding an exclusive Modern Store tasting bar to your store.