Reasons to Add a Temperature-Controlled Fine Wine Display to Your Store

Our Temperature-Controlled Fine Wine units are designed to display high-quality wines to attract potential customers. Traditional in-store "wine cellars" don’t always deliver the sales you want. Here’s why they are a drain on your bottom line:

  • Locked rooms require employee access and supervision that takes them away from other tasks.
  • Staff supervision might rush customers out of the door.
  • Floor space isn’t being fully utilized.

To deliver a staff and customer experience that is as high-quality as the wine you’re selling, turn to Modern Store Equipment’s Temperature-Controlled Fine Wine displays instead.

Our units are a step above cellars. Custom designed, engineered and built in our domestic manufacturing facility – and only available from Modern Store Equipment -- they allow customers to browse your store’s fine wine selection without asking for access, giving them the freedom and time to make a decision.

We have two distinct styles to choose from:


Our Self-Contained Temperature-Controlled Fine Wine units put your finest bottles on display while keeping them secure. Through the premium glass doors of these free-standing units, your customers will be able to view every bottle and label right from where they’re standing, offering ease and convenience. Once they’re ready to buy, they simply let an employee know which bottles they would like.

Fine Wine Walk-Ins

Our walk-in units allow you to stock and secure more inventory while keeping your selection on display, chilled to 55°, and easily visible.

Storage shelving inside the walk-in makes restocking simple and convenient.

Modern Store Equipment is a nationally-recognized leader with over 60 years experience in liquor retail. Consequently you will want to visit to buy reach-in coolers and unique Fine Wine Sellers that offer an easy, safe way to store and display fine wine.

To buy liquor store coolers or learn more about our Fine Wine Sellers and other unique shelving and equipment, contact Modern Store Equipment today by visiting or calling 877-532-8433.