2-Door Temp-Controlled Fine Wine Display & Storage with Maglock Security

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Our exclusive temperature-controlled Fine Wine Sellers eliminate the cumbersome locked room that requires staff assistance and creates a barrier to shop for the customer. You'll SELL wine more easily and store it right where you need it.


Now your customers can consider their options in an LED-illuminated case that showcases bottles uniquely to look like they are floating. Instead they are secure on sliding panels that hide useful storage area. An overhead shelf holds additional bottles on an angle and standing up.


High-power magnetic locks secure the doors and provide the strength to withstand hundreds of pounds of force per door. The French swing doors can't be pulled off a track like sliding doors.

You can also program the doors to automatically lock at the same time every night and unlock at the same time every morning to comply with local alcohol laws. 

Once customers make their choices, swiping a card or fob unlocks the maglock-secured doors. Not only is the built-in security easy to use, it virtually eliminates shoplifting and other theft. Trusted customer? Your staff can unlock and relock the case from the manager’s desk.

Use a single Fine Wine Seller or combine several to create an impressive fine wine section to your store.


  • Measures 65"L x 34"D x 78"H. 
  • Two 30" x 71" French-swing Prime glass doors from Energy Door Company.
  • Holds up to 75 bottles on display and 40 bottles per storage shelf (320 bottles total in storage).
  • Advanced Secure Display system offers unparalleled protection and programming capabilities.
  • Includes 3 key fobs and 3 cards.
  • Also available in 65" x 34"D x 86"H model with visible temperature readout. Email info@modernstoreonline.com for pricing.

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