Modular Cigarette / Tobacco Merchandiser: 8 Levels & 2 Drawers


Lighting: Top LED
Finish: Shiraz Cherry
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MOCO cabinetry is designed to beautifully streamline high traffic areas of your store. Key features of this Cigarette Pack Merchandiser include

  • 12 facings on 8 levels let you display 96 of the most popular brands.
  • Spring loaded pushers.
  • 2 flush drawers measure 30.5"W x 12.25"H x 13.785"D.
  • Adjustable leveler legs and removable kicks.
  • Choice of top LED or vertical LED lighting.
  • Unit with top LED measures 32"W x 79.5"H x 16"D. 
  • Available in black.
Model Number LED Position W H D Packs Displayed Total Pack Capacity
Drawers Carton Capacity
TDDD10P Top 32" 79.5" 16" 96
1,056 56
TDDD1OPVL Vertical (side) 32" 79.5" 17" 96
1,056 56

Capacities are approximate.

Patented : patent pending.png__PID:37c855c2-226a-4d3b-81cd-e116d0afcd8f

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