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With our High Capacity Wine Seller Display & Storage units, wine bottles appear to float yet are supported by dowels on easy-to-move sliding panels. All bottles are displayed at the perfect angle for proper wine storage while allowing for easy label readability.

Your customers and diners can browse the fine wine selections easily, increasing the sales potential dramatically!

Wines are maintained at a consistent 55°. Non-UV lighting assures wine and labels are not damaged. Zero-energy doors include double throw security lock system. 


MOCO Modular design


We can help you choose the best type and correct length of shelving for your store.

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Our High Capacity Wine Seller Display & Storage units not only showcase wine beautifully, they SELL it more easily and store it out of sight.

Our exclusive temperature-controlled units eliminate the locked room that requires staff assistance for access and supervision.

Now your customers can view their options in the brightly lit space of your store without a waiting staff member rushing the experience.

Once customers make their choices, swiping a card or fob unlocks the case easily. Trusted customer? Your staff can unlock and relock the case from the manager’s desk.

Not only is the built-in security easy to use, it virtually eliminates shoplifting and other theft.

Measures 65"L x 34"D x 78"H. 
Also available in 86"H. Email for more information.

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Using High Capacity Wine Seller Display & Storage units anywhere in your store is a sure way to increase sales and eliminate theft.

Using multiple units (2 shown here) to form an end aisle display is a powerful tool to put your highest-profit offerings prominently on display -- allowing you to stock and secure high-end wines to compete successfully with other chains and liquor stores.

Customers can clearly view the labels thanks to brilliant LED that floods the case with light.

Your staff can unlock the case by swiping a card of fob or remotely from the manager station.

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Imagine the potential of beautifully displaying your fine wine selections to diners.

Placing a Fine Wine Display& Storage unit in the waiting area of your restaurant can dramatically increase orders for bottles of wine because customers can view options and read labels while they wait to be seated.

It's a significant improvement over making a choice from the flat pages of a wine menu.

Plus you keep your inventory 100% secure from theft thanks to the powerful maglock security system built in to every case.

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Modern Store Equipment's advanced Secure Display system offers an unparalleled level of protection and programming capabilities for your high theft wines and spirits.

High-power magnetic locks secure doors and provide the strength to withstand hundreds of pounds of force per door. The magnets are housed in high-strength anodized aluminum -- a further safeguard against tampering.

The French swing doors can't be pulled off a track like sliding doors.

You can also program the doors to automatically lock at the same time every night and unlock at the same time every morning to comply with local alcohol laws. 


You can create a unique fine wine destination in any length with our modular Endless Case with SlideAway® Display System. Our standard units can be combined to create an expansive display. All while showcasing and storing wine at the proper 55° temperature.

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